Bicycling Cross-Country, Portland to Portland in 2017.

Thank you

Without the direct support of some amazing people, we might have left this adventure to our imaginations and bucket lists. Thank you for helping us to turn it into reality.

As we travel across country, we’ll be making several “scheduled stops” to visit you, our friends and family, along the route. We thank you for your welcoming smiles, hospitality, directions/rides to your favorite ice-cream stands, polite disregard for our roadkill appearance, and kind words of encouragement as we continue on our way!

We have also been inspired by other adventurers, cyclists, and adventure cyclists who have shared their experiences, best practices, and tips to help us plan. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!

And thanks to all of you who we might not know personally (yet), who have taken the time to visit our site, and cheer us on—whether virtually or in person!

Nate also thanks…
(In alphabetical order by first name. All of these awesome people are equally appreciated for their support!)

  • Andrew M. for inspiring my cross-country trip, and giving personal advice from his ride across the Northern Tier. Thanks, too, for helping with the build suggestions and introducing me to Fit Werx.
  • Dean P. at Fit Werx for the incredible bike fit.
  • Grant G. for motivating me to pursue cycling more seriously, and for being a mentor both in and out of school.
  • Michael W. (yeah, the other guy on this trip) for enthusiastically encouraging this ride—and getting his bike and gear together in time to go.
  • Mike M. at Fit Werx for building my bike and helping get the right components for a cross-country trip.
  • New Salem Academy Trustees for their thoughtful and generous support covering some expenses throughout the ride.
  • Wayne at The Touring Store for the extensive build advice for racks/bags, packing advice, and impressive general know-how for all things touring!

And especially my parents and family for believing in me, and for letting me run with this crazy idea!

Michael also thanks…
(In order determined by my pup Cooper’s path retrieving his orange ball, unaware that I had randomly assigned the names below to different areas of the living room. Everyone is still equally awesome for their support.)

  • Elaine, Greg and extended family for peace of mind, knowing Cooper will thoroughly enjoy his Summer retreat in the best care, remaining blissfully unaware of my absence.
  • Nate (yeah, the other guy on this trip) for all that got us here, and every mile we ride here forward. And new Oakleys.
  • Russell P. for his comprehensive consultation, custom-build expertise, and (with the Cycleast team) just-in-time delivery.*
  • Jenny P. & Mike Y. for staging and logistical support—particularly getting bikes and gear to the start.
  • The Universe for grace and endlessness.
  • Ryan & Stephanie for understanding (or forgiving) if I miss Pico’s first couple months on Earth.
  • MK:) for inspiring, encouraging, and supporting me on and off the bike. And for
    on-demand occipital lifts and neck work.
  • Cooper for loving me in spite of me not including you on this journey. (For the record, I considered towing a trailer.) It’s for your safety, honestly.**

*Pending actual delivery.
**Cooper doesn’t read, but I thanked him directly.

Also, a huge shout-out from both of us to the great businesses that provided the technical support to make this trip possible. We highly recommend our builders for all of your bicycling needs:

  • CycleEast East Austin, TX neighborhood bike shop specializing in repairs, restorations, and custom bikes.
  • Fit WerxA Boston, MA bike shop focused on professional bike fitting, production and custom road, mountain, and triathlon bikes.
  • The Touring Store – a one-stop shop for bicycle touring. Wayne is an fount of knowledge, committed to finding the right setup for each unique rider. Michael and Nate both spoke to Wayne extensively in preparation for this trip, and recommend his business to anyone looking to get into touring.

3 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. When you two get to Portland, OR, telephone us on our landline number (Mike’s Mom or Amy have the number), so that we can “prepare a place at the table for you”. Tom and Sharon C.


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