Bicycling Cross-Country, Portland to Portland in 2017.


Q1: Where do you start and end, exactly?

Start (May 25, 8:00 a.m): Eastern Promenade Trail Head at Cutter St., Portland, ME 04101 (43.670287, -70.241621)

End (July 25): Del Rey Beach State Recreational Area, 33260 Highlands Ln., Seaside, OR 97138 (46.048550, -123.930009)

Note: On or about July 22, we’ll stop in Portland, OR (we hear they have good beer), before continuing to the coast. Join us for a pint or two, if you’re in the area!

Q2: How many miles per day will you be riding?

Since this is our first cross-country trek, we employed a dedicated team of Clarkson engineers unpaid interns to develop an algorithm, crunch the data, and derive a practical daily mileage goal. They arrived at a perfectly good answer of 42.* #DouglasAdams

*Unfortunately, we actually need to average 57 miles per day to reach the West Coast by July 25. Track us to see if we’re on schedule.

Q3: What will you eat?

Besides bugs you mean? We each have a fueling plan that (mostly) consists of ready-to-eat, nutritious, calorie-rich, well-balanced (good protein/carb ratio), easily digestible foods that are relatively lightweight:

▸ Nate will be fueled by McDonald’s (mostly), and Clif® bars, pasta, peanut butter, bananas, peanut butter on bananas, fruits and vegetables from road-side stands, chocolate ice cream, $1 rice dinners from Wal☆Mart, and whatever else—such as same-day roadkill—he can readily find and carry.

▸ Michael will be powered by Garden of Life® RAW Meal™ Organic Meal; oatmeal in various forms; peanut/ almond/ cashew butters, whole nuts, etc; fresh fruits and vegetables from road-side stands, and ice cream. His fuel plan provides a consistent base of 1,840 calories per day (104% of Basal Metabolic Rate)—60% of estimated need.* The balance of his caloric needs may be met by Krispy Kreme where available.

*Not accounting for weight of gear and other factors that will significantly increase caloric burn rate (fuel need).

Q4: Can you share your bike build/specs?

Of course… we love to talk bike specs! See Nate’s build here. And Michael’s here. If you have technical questions, use the contact-us form to ask us for specific details!

Q5. How much does each bike weigh, fully loaded?

▸ At departure, Nate’s Surly Long Haul Disc Trucker with all racks and bags packed weighs… about 92 lbs. (32.5 unladen)

▸ At departure, Michael’s All-City Space Horse Disc with all racks and bags packed weighs 99.72 lbs. (30.24 unladen)

Q6: Where are you sleeping every night?

Lawns without sprinkler systems. Public parks. Soccer fields. State and National Parks and Recreation Areas. Just about anywhere we can stake our tents.

Actually, Nate has done arduous segment-by-segment planning to help us aim for KOA campgrounds. And we have a few scheduled stops—where we’ll be grateful for any accommodations from our friends and family!

Q7: Do you have sponsors?

Elon Musk hasn’t returned our calls.

Q8: What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

What do you mean? African or European swallow? #TheHolyGrail

Q9: Shouldn’t you both be working?

You raise a good point. Nate is available for interviews anywhere along the route, by phone, or by video chat, for open positions that can begin after August 15, 2017.*  If you’re Elon Musk, or a hiring manager at Tesla, SolarCity, SpaceX, or The Boring Company, please call him directly. He’ll pause the journey to meet you just about anywhere. Did we say Nate? We meant Michael. Nate is developing an app, starting his own company, and hiring Michael for creative strategy if the Tesla gig doesn’t pan out.

*Nate actually accepted a position at Bose Corporation in Framingham, MA, and begins shortly after the trip.

Q10: Can I ask another question?

Yes! Use the contact-us form to ask us anything.

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