Bicycling Cross-Country, Portland to Portland in 2017.

the list.

This is a running list of our tour milestones and other interesting things we discover along the way:

  1. Other cross-country bicyclists we’ve met (running count): 1 (Day 31)
  2. Other long-distance bicyclists we’ve met (running count): 4 (tandem); 8
  3. Other touring cyclists one or both of us have seen but didn’t meet: 6; +1
  4. First rain: Day 1
  5. First motel stay: Day 2
  6. Snake count: 5 (dead); 1 (alive)
  7. Eagle count: 3
  8. Chain pop-offs: 6 (Michael)
  9. First ice cream (soft-serve, M&Ms Flurry): Day 2
  10. First roadside-stand stop (Nate ate a whole cucumber; Michael got a plum and nectarine): Day 5
  11. Jettisoned cargo (sent home to lighten/reduce loads): Pillows; chair; stove; cold-weather rain jackets; extra clothes; batteries; mini lantern.
  12. First flat: Nate (Day 7); Michael (Day 24)
  13. First dog encounter: Nate, Day 12, fended off with water.
  14. Highest single-day dog encounters: Michael (5), Day 27; Nate (5), Day 26.
  15. Unnatural roadkill: dust pan, Barbie, mirror, bungee cords, shuttlecock, Mr. Coffee, Cheez Whiz, unpaired shoes.
  16. Crossed the Mississippi River: Day 25
  17. Number of deer seen crossing road at a deer-crossing sign: 2

The List will grow as we accumulate miles; For now, here’s a cool website to make use of your time, and put things in perspective: If the Moon Were only 1 Pixel


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