As you probably know, we finished our cross-country cycling journeys this past week. (See Nate’s and Michael’s last rides.) Nate has now safely returned to Boston, while I am on a separate adventure in Utah.

The start-to-finish route covered 3,627 miles from Maine to Oregon, cycling through 13 states! (That’s 156 miles more than originally estimated.) We rode through rain, lightning, and hail storms. Battled hills, heat, and sometimes hunger. Climbed mountains. Suffered–and survived–the wind. Out-pedaled dogs. Dodged roadkill and debris (but still got a frustrating number of flats!). Lived through some harrowing, close-calls with cars, trucks, and RVs. And so much more. All in all, though, it proved a worthwhile challenge.

We met so many great people along the way, and had wonderful experiences in every state that we’ll always remember!

Check-out a little interview we did of each other sharing answers to a few questions looking back at the ride.

Thank you to everyone around the world(!) who followed along and helped keep us pedaling from coast to coast! And thanks again to all of you who made it possible since before the start!

Just hearing about our trip now? If you have any questions, please send us a note any time and we’ll get back to you! (Or look back at the Q&A.)

See y’all again soon!