In due time—which happens to be right on schedule, July 25—I also completed the final trek to the Pacific Ocean! (See Nate’s last riding day.)

With a couple of excellent rest days in the Portland area and a side trip into Washington, I ended in Astoria, Oregon. (Our original route would have taken us inland across more hilly terrain to the coast near Seaside Beach, before continuing to Astoria. Neither of us took that route; Nate rode farther out to the state park.)

My route was mostly the same as Nate’s, though. I found the rolling hills and several larger climbs quite easy. Traffic was heavy in some spots, but the shoulder was generally wide and paved well enough to avoid issues. Even the wind wasn’t much of a factor.

It was a subdued, quiet arrival, without fanfare—or witnesses, really. But huge thanks to (family) Tom and Sharon Coates, for driving out to pick me up, get dinner, and spend some time with me! It was a really nice way to end the journey!

With that, I’ll be returning to Portland to hopefully catch-up with Nate before both of us leave for points east.

Look for our wrap-up of the tour in the next day or so!