Good morning, Nate here. I was up and moving at 5 a.m. to try and beat the wind and heat for my final day of the tour. Today’s ride is about 105 miles, and will bring me from downtown Portland to Astoria, and then the final few miles out to the Pacific Ocean.

It’s been an incredible journey and I’m feeling strong for this final stretch.

Updates later…

Update (4:00 p.m.): I MADE IT TO THE PACIFIC!! 107 total miles of riding today. I dipped my wheel into the ocean, and then promptly sprayed it down with clean water. Now I need to set-up camp and get settled in. Check back for a full update later.

Update: It’s the next day, but here’s a full account of my final ride day.

I was rolling by sunrise, and the downtown streets of Portland were completely empty in the early morning. The only people I saw were bakers setting-up to open shop in a few hours.

The “distance to Astoria” signs started at 95 miles, and slowly but surely decreased mileage as the day went on. I mentally prepared for the 100+ mile day and had plenty of food for fuel.

I had heard that there were rolling hills all the way out to the coast, but Oregon still threw two separate 500+ foot climbs at me. There was a pretty consistent headwind the whole way, but I drowned it out with my music and spun away on the pedals.

I took a small rest at the 60 mile mark, in Clatskanie, OR, for some espresso and banana cream pie. Yum.

After 30 more miles, I crested a rolling hill which revealed the Pacific Ocean for the first time. I’ll admit, my eyes got a bit watery; Definitely just the sea breeze.

Then it was some winding roads into downtown Astoria! I took a few photos with some boats, and stopped at a bike shop for ten minutes to ask where I could “officially” reach the Pacific Ocean to end the trip.

They directed me to Fort Stevens State Park, which was where I planned on camping anyways for the night. From downtown Astoria, I rode the final 9 miles west (bringing my total to 107 miles for the day), entering the state park.

This was as far as I could ride. The loose sand wouldn’t allow cycling directly to the ocean’s edge, so I hopped off and pushed my 80 pound bike the final 100 yards to the edge.

I had a passerby catch the moment that I dipped my front wheel into the Pacific. Okay, maybe this time I let a few tears go.

And that’s it!!! I walked my bike back up the beach, set up camp, made dinner, slept, and was up at 5 a.m. this morning to ride back to Astoria, so I could catch a bus back to Portland.

I’ll be staying near the city at a Warm Showers for the next three nights until my flight home on Thursday. It’ll give me time to have my bike boxed and shipped back, as well as organize gear.

It’s been an incredible and unforgettable journey, and I want to give a huge kudos to Michael for also completing the trip.

Michael and I are planning on doing one final “closing post” at the end of the week where we’ll answer a few FAQs that we got throughout the trip, so make sure to check back for that! Thank you all for joining us on this adventure.

You can view my final Relive ride here.