Today was a “rest” day–but we spent the day walking, and using Portland’s metro system, to explore the city’s coffee shops, bike shops, and neighborhoods. (Nate had already been productive before the excursion running errands since sunrise.) We even rode our bikes across the downtown area–albeit casually, in street clothes–to get to our room tonight.


Tomorrow, Nate will be continuing solo on one last ride to the coast, at Astoria–a “century,” completing the 100+ miles in one day. He’ll camp along the coast. Look for his post tomorrow (or Monday) when he returns to Portland to prepare for his trip home.

Michael is taking another day to visit friends and family in the northwest, before completing the trip to the coast later this week. Look for an update Tuesday.

Also look for a wrap-up of the tour later in the week!

Thank you, everyone, for following along on our journey, and for all your support along the way!