Note: We had limited cell service last night at Clear Lake, so Nate will be updating yesterday’s post later as his service availability improves.


One of the highlights of our trip is meeting Lindsay (#LindsayWalks) and her pup, Thina. Lindsay made it to camp late last night after her record 30-mile walking day to Clear Lake. We were so glad she joined us.

This morning, we all packed up to head down the Hood mountain pass toward Portland. Lindsay snapped some pics of us in our way out of camp.





Update: We’re already on the road, on our way into Portland where we’ll officially complete the “Portland to Portland” leg of the tour.




Look for an update later!

Update: We are in PORTLAND! Woohoo! We’re cleaning up and going out to get dinner and celebrate the milestone (just a little bit)…


Note: We are planning to take a rest day in Portland tomorrow before either of us continues on to the coast.