We are on the road at least six hours each day (and with stops it’s more like nine). As such, we look forward to a good shower after the day’s ride. But, since we’re staying in different kinds of places every night–KOAs, state parks, city parks, etc.–the type and quality of showers can vary considerably. So, we have a simple rating system to compare showers (campsites only):

A – Better than expected; On par with a decent motel/hotel. (Better than typical home showers earns an A+.) Example: Greenwood Lodge and Campsites (A+)

B – As expected: Functioning and clean, with temperature control, air-conditioned or well-vented room, space for dressing/un-dressing. Example: Erie, PA KOA

C – Less than ideal, but functional. Either poorly maintained, has a feature missing, or is not clean. No temperature control (for example) or poor water pressure, limited space or privacy. Example: Arrowhead Campground (C-)

F – Not available or not functional, poor water quality, or too unclean to use. (We probably wouldn’t stay at a campsite that qualified for an F for quality, but technically we didn’t have showers our last night of camping before reaching Portland.)

Fortunately, almost all of our campsites have rated a solid “A” or “B” by our simple scale!