At exactly 2:15 a.m. last night the sprinklers in the town park turned on. We knew the park was outfitted with a sprinkler system, but didn’t know exact placement; The sprinklers could’ve popped up directly underneath our tents! Thankfully they didn’t. My waterproof tent cover kept me dry. Michael’s tent was in a safe zone, yards from and working sprinkler.

Today is a planned 70-mile ride, which has us entering the Pacific Time Zone. As usual, I’m up early and will be on the road by daybreak.

That’s all for now. Check back later for an update!

Update (Monday morning): As you may have deduced, we were completely out of cell service for both the entire ride yesterday, and where we camped last night. Not to worry though, we’re completely okay and while I still don’t have cell service, I located a cafe to eat breakfast and am using their WiFi.

As the lack of cell service would indicate, yesterday’s 70-mile ride was pretty desolate. A lot of desert, few trees, and absolutely no businesses to stop at for the entirety of the ride. Unfortunately both Michael and I had strong headwinds the entire way, but we both eventually made it to Unity Lake State Park (Rec Area).

As mentioned in the original post, I got an early start, but the winds were already blowing strong at 6 a.m.– something new to me.

This was our first mountain pass, where we climbed 2,000 feet. At the top of Brogan Hill, there was a single cow. Apparently he climbed the hill, too. Nice work, cow.

I ran into another touring cyclist, Mike, who was making a multi-day loop of Oregon. We chatted for a bit and I told him to keep an eye out for Michael down the road.

Fast forward to our campsite, Michael told me that he met Mike at the base of Brogan Hill. Mike told Michael that there had been another touring cyclist a few miles ahead of him; Michael caught up to him after the Brogan Hill climb. It turns out it was a touring cyclist that we saw in the bar in Vale the night prior. Michael chatted with him for a bit over the strong winds (so we didn’t catch his name), before continuing on. The unnamed touring cyclist was headed from Salt Lake City to Seattle. Cool!

We tackled another mountain pass, which was slow-going for both of us, but we made it.

Also we finally crossed into Pacific time!

Our camping situation was perfect, despite the lack of cell service. Oregon state parks have “hiker/biker” camping, which is an inexpensive alternative to normal camping. It’s pretty sweet!

That’s all for today (err, yesterday), once Michael gets within WiFi range he’ll likely start the blog for today (7/17).

Watch the Relive video.