A technical glitch erased the morning’s post. If you saw a blank page, lorem ipsum, or something entirely unrelated to our trip, you now know why. The following is what was originally posted:

(Morning post) – We woke this morning to have breakfast at our WS host Laura’s house just down the street. She made buckwheat pancakes with blueberries, and a strawberry-rhubarb sauce from her fruit garden; sausage links; and a fruit smoothie. A great way to start Day 50!

We’re anticipating an easier day, but it is likely to feel hotter with temps reaching the 90s by afternoon. (We’re carrying a lot of water!)

The course continues on Route 20 West.

Check back later for updates…

Update (2:00 p.m.): We’re both in Mountain View and setting up camp. Look for a full update later.

Update (Day’s end): Today turned out to be one of our faster days (although speed isn’t the goal, of course).

The first twenty miles were across the high-desert plain, flat or downhill, with almost no wind. Yee ha! Michael cranked out an average 17.7 mph for the first hour, for reference.

Then, the next third of the ride crossed through Boise National Forest, a hilly, increasingly windier area. (Through the park we climbed back above 5,000 ft four times. Wind wasn’t a factor really.)

Boise National Forest, home to exactly four trees.

Finally, the last third of the ride (or more specifically the last 13 miles) saw us descending from 5,000+ feet elevation down to about 3,000-ft. That was just one long downhill sprint. By this final section, temperatures were nearing 100°F, so it was good to be (rapidly) approaching Mountain Home.

If we passed through a town between our start and stop today, it was forgettable. (Sorry, Hill City.) Most of the landscape, while beautiful, was barren and unoccupied.


By the time we were both in Mountain Home and setup, temps had reached up to 104°F–that’s Texas weather, y’all! We stayed cool in the public library until dinner. (We split a Fatty’s pizza in town.)

Michael discovered the family business doesn’t offer a discount for existing storage units in other states.

Nearing sunset, Nate is already in bed; He will be ready to go again tomorrow at first daylight. Look for his post in the morning.

Meanwhile, check out the Relive video of today’s ride.