A quick post: We’re already underway, anticipating a hot, windy ride across the desert.

Michael had to fix another flat (discovered at end of yesterday’s ride) before being able to start this morning.

A canalway provided a path from our Warm Showers house to downtown. The canal, like the Snake River and other waterways around here, is full to the brim.


Michael stopped for breakfast at the Great Harvest Bread Company in downtown Idaho Falls. (Nate and Jonathan had eaten there as well, with Nate getting their humongous cinnamon roll!) All of their breads and pastries are so good!



More later…

Update (Day’s end): It was a grueling day on the road crossing the high desert plateau. The winds were relentlessly abusive, in our faces, and bullying us left and right. Biblical Book of Job-level punishment. (Michael, for one, will be happy to never cross that stretch again on a bike!)


Nonetheless, we survived, and each made it to our KOA in due time.

This guy didn’t make it.

Nate cooked his own dinner at the campsite, while Michael stopped just outside of the campground at a local restaurant and had a hot meat-and-potatoes meal.


In spite of the wind (or geologically speaking, in part because of it!) the Idaho landscape is gorgeous. The plateau is girded by two mountain ‘ranges’ and features three massive buttes that can be seen for nearly 50 miles riding Route 20/26 between Idaho Falls and Arco. (Look for them in the Relive video.)


We both wanted to stop at the Experimental Breeder Reactor (ERB-1) and Atomic Energy Museum, a few miles from Arco, but just couldn’t suffer the extra mile or so into the headwind to reach it off the main highway. (Bookmarking it for a future trip, by car.)

Watch the Relive video here.