Michael and I had a fantastic stay last night with Kevin and Kate. Michael opted for the guest room, and I couldn’t resist sleeping in their camper. We both got a great night’s sleep!

Unfortunately we say goodbye to them today as we make our way to Idaho Falls to stay with another Warm Showers host, Jonathan.

We also had to say goodbye to two amazing pups, Tashi and Hoss.

Our ride today will take us through a mountain pass, and then up onto a plateau that leads down into Idaho Falls. Weather looks clear minus a few headwinds that may get going when we’re in the final stretch.

An aside: Before leaving Jackson, I mounted my Bear Spray to my bike. It’s more just for the novelty of it now, as we’ve already passed through the section with the most bears, but I think it looks fun.

Check back for an update later!

Update (9:00 p.m.): A bit of a mix of everything on the bike today! Michael and I left Kevin and Kate’s house a matter of 15 minutes apart, but Michael stopped for a second breakfast in Victor, giving me a headstart over the Pine Creek mountain pass. The pass certainly wasn’t as difficult as yesterday’s (over Teton Pass), but was still a good way to warm-up the legs. We both had some great views down into Swan Valley, and a fast descent.

In Swan Valley, I stopped to quickly refill bottles at the local gas station; Michael stopped nearby for ice cream. He met another touring cyclist, Eric, who is riding from Portsmouth to Portsmouth, solo, but fully supported.

I somehow got lucky coming out of Swan Valley, and had a tailwind for the first 10 miles, before it turned into a headwind for the rest of the way. Unfortunately, Michael had the headwind the whole way between Swan Valley and Idaho Falls. Despite the wind, it sure was beautiful.

Throughout the ride, we passed over 100 BMW touring motorcyclists, who were on a rally. We both stopped and chatted with different people on the rally, and loved seeing/admiring their bikes.

After getting to Idaho Falls, I hung out at a local McDonalds to wait for Michael, before heading over to the Warm Showers hosts’ house for the night.

Once Michael arrived, we rode together to meet Jonathan and Catherine, our hosts for the night. After a shower, and a kale + fruit smoothie we felt so refreshed. We spoke to Jonathan extensively about bikes, and loved his collection of custom-built Surly bikes. He’s ridden most of the Continental Divide trail (which is off-road, mostly!), and is doing another segment of it this year.

We had a great dinner with their family, and then Jonathan taught me how to use his Rancilio espresso machine (I’ve been eyeing this exact machine for years).

Thanks so much to their family for hosting us! Also thanks for the Idaho Spud candy (basically pure sugar coated in chocolate)–which sounds like a good post-breakfast snack to me!

That’s all for today! Check back tomorrow for a ride through the Idaho desert.

You can view the Relive video here.