We’re almost done with Wyoming! After arriving at the campground, Michael and I devised a plan for the next few days. We’re both in need of a rest day, for ourselves and also for our bikes. Here’s the tentative plan for the next few days:

  • Today (7/7): Short ride from Moran to Jackson, Wyoming: 36 miles total. Also we’ll officially be entering and riding through Grand Teton National Park. The short ride will allow us to get our bikes looked at this afternoon.
  • Tomorrow (7/8): Rest day!! We’re currently a day ahead of schedule, so we’re going to take it off to go visit Yellowstone National Park (we’ll likely be renting a car to get there).
  • Sunday (7/9): Crossing into Idaho over another mountain pass. This one may be more difficult than the one we tackled yesterday. Because of that, it’ll only be a ~25 mile day where we’ll end up in Victor, ID. Stopping there puts us on a good trajectory for the next days with the way the towns are spaced out.

I’m getting a bit later jump on the day today  than usual (starting at around 8:30 a.m.) as I wait for the weather to warm up. It certainly did get cold last night! Temps dropped into the high 40s. I bundled up with my wool sweater and was fine. Michael will be likely taking a short detour at the Jackson Hole airport (mile 25 of our ride) to rent a car for tomorrow’s side trip.

As Michael said, the views of the Grand Tetons from our campsite just about anywhere are stunning. You almost can’t believe that they’re there. Here’s a photo from about a foot outside my tent:

More photos to come, as we’ll be biking right up alongside the base of the range during our ride today.

Check back later for an update!

Update (10:00 p.m.): Today was probably the most scenic day we’ve had on the road. The photos I’m posting here don’t even do it justice. Early on in the ride I passed some bison, about twenty yards off the side of the road. I didn’t stop to take a photo, as multiple signs say not to (and obviously I’m not going to risk it on a bike).

Inching closer to the range I was able to get some better photos on pulloffs.

As Michael rode by, the sun cleared over the mountains and he was able to capture the panorama (above).

I had a couple take a photo of me on a pull off:

At one point, I even got a speed sign to register my speed. No chance of breaking the speed limit on a touring bike!

After passing the mountain range, I located a bike path running parallel to the main road that I’d been riding on. I moved over to that to ride all the way into Jackson (the final 15 miles of the ride). It must have been pretty new, as Google Maps didn’t even have it registered yet, and it looked like it had just been paved. Score!!

As Michael followed, he stayed on the main road, but turned off at mile 28 (ending his ride) so he could go to the airport to pickup a rental car for our rest day tomorrow.

The final miles into Jackson from the airport were mostly all downhill which made it easy. In Jackson, I found “Hoff’s Bikesmith” repair shop where I met Tim, the head mechanic. He quickly fixed some shifting issues I was having so I could ride over the next mountain pass without gears skipping. Tim recommended I visit “The Bread Basket” for lunch, which was a hidden gem of a bakery and sandwich shop. Yum. 

Sometime around when I was consuming my third pastry, I got a text from Michael; He was heading into Jackson after getting the car. He drove down from the airport and grabbed lunch as well before we went to the motel in town.

Our rooms weren’t ready, so we hopped back in the car (leaving my bike in the motel office), and drove back downtown to Hoff’s, where Michael had his bike tuned up and looked over by Tim. Tim also took the tire off, and found the culprit of at least one of Michael’s series of flat tires over the past few days. A small piece of wire had wedged its way through the tire and was puncturing the tube!

We got smoothies and coffee at Cowboy Coffee in town, then drove back to the motel. I was able to finally change out of my cycling kit, and we both got cleaned up. We then went back into town (cars are so convenient!), and got dinner at The Thai Plate, recommended by Michael’s sister, Amy.


We both have plenty of leftovers for dinner tomorrow night.

Since we’re not riding tomorrow, I saw the new Spider-Man movie. Michael stayed back, but he’s likely going to catch a movie tomorrow night.

What a long (but productive) day! We’re happy that both our bikes are running smoothly (we both agree that Tim is a stellar mechanic), and also that we have tomorrow off after some particularly tough days on the road.

Tomorrow we’ll be up before sunrise to try and beat the rush of people visiting Yellowstone. We’ll be driving (woohoo!), while re-adjusting to using turn signals rather than hand signals, and using our feet to brake, rather than to pedal.

You can view today’s Relive ride here! It gives a better timeline of the photos that are posted above.