Update (Michael’s day): I started the day at Walmart getting new tubes and items to repair my flat tire.

I’m now trying Slime tubes, which should be self-healing in the event of a puncture–but are known to make a mess in a blow-out.

I found a local bike shop to do a quick check on the tires and give me some assurance that I’d be able to ride without another flat–within reason. (Still, I was a bit paranoid throughout the day!)

Before leaving the hotel–which was an exceptionally late start!–I met the group leaders for an “America by Bike” tour…


Their group of 50 cyclists are ridng across the U.S., eastbound, from Portsmouth, OR to Portsmouth, NH. They’re fully supported; Everything they need is carried by a van that follows them daily. Today their stop was at the same hotel we stayed at in Riverton. They had come from Dubois, where we finished tonight.

After I left I continued waiving to or otherwise greeting the rest of the group as they approached Riverton.

I later stopped in Kinnear for a quick lunch, and discovered a Buckleberry Lemonade drink from Jackson Hole. I have no idea what a buckleberry looks or tastes like to rate this drink’s authenticity, but it was tart and dry.


I caught up to two guys, Nick and Nashant, who are cycling to Seattle. The thing is, they met for the first time, by chance, in The Badlands, South Dakota. Nick started in North Carolina and was following the official TransAmerica Bike Trail. Nashant started in Wisconsin, and just thought he’d “try cycling to Seattle.” I took pictures of their bikes to compare setups. Check-out what Nick is using for bags (panniers)! Nashant is pulling a trailer; I’m so glad I didn’t do the same!

Look closely: These cows have their own basketball court!

Our route today passed through the Wind River Preservation Area (and Indian Reservation), so not surprisingly we crossed the Wind River many times. It’s high from recent flooding, and likely dangerous, but looked so inviting to me!

The landscapes today were incredible! Pictures can only capture the smallest fraction of each scene, and my old smartphone just doesn’t have the greatest camera, but here’s a sample:

Given yesterday’s challenges, I was pretty spent on today’s ride. While we hit another elevation-gain milestone (at least for west of the Mississippi River), the climbing was generally manageable. Instead, and as usual, the greater impediment was headwinds–which dogged me for 35 miles. (Speaking of dogs, I was chased by two today!) But, I didn’t mind stopping to recharge mentally and refuel with food and water at the rest area and a couple roadside gas stations along the way!

Even with a late arrival at the KOA in Dubois, I had time to setup, clean up, get dinner in town, and hang out a bit at a local watering hole.

Tomorrow is a shorter day…