Good morning! Michael and I are both getting an early jump on the day (now that we’re officially in Mountain Time). Looks like we’ll be on the road before 8 a.m. We’ll be riding the remaining 90 miles together today, into Sidney, Nebraska. There, we have our scheduled stop with Michael’s sister, Amy, and will be taking our third official rest day tomorrow.

It looks like a beautiful day outside, but we’ll be battling some headwinds upwards of 15 knots along the ride. We’re hoping for the best.

Check back for an update later!

Update (9:00 p.m.): What a day! It started off like we had predicted: a strong headwind from the west that stuck with us until mile 55. Before then, we made frequent stops in every town to rejuvenate ourselves for the next push against the wind.

Before we even reached our first major town, we met two touring cyclists riding the other way. We rode over to introduce ourselves to Stephanie and Dan, who happened to be riding from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine! This was our first set of cyclists who we’ve met who are doing the same ride as us–just in the opposite direction. We compared bike set-ups, and we’re excited to see they had the same racks and bags as us! Check out their instagram account to see some photos from their trip!

Our first major stop was in Ogallala, where we stopped at a local sandwich shop, “Homemade Heaven,” hoping they had breakfast options. Michael got a slice of apple pie and coffee. After, we biked a quarter mile down the road to the A&W, and got a burger and soda.

We continued on from Ogallala, through a mostly desolate stretch of 30 miles. There were no towns, no gas stations, and barely any houses.

We rode through the sand hills, giving us a little more elevation gain–1,500 feet for the day–than we had been experiencing the past few days.


After reaching Chappell, we stopped to grab a full meal. We still find it amazing how quickly we can burn off the calories from an entire meal just hours before.

After Chappell, like magic, the headwind disappeared and turned into a tailwind! We cranked out 20 mph through the next several towns, before seeing a storm approaching ahead.

We rode through some sparse rain, and a bit of lightning. Just when we thought we cleared the storm, we were engulfed by a hailstorm and downpour. Michael and I sheltered under a tree, and the storm had passed within 5 minutes to reveal blue skies. Both Michael and I were drenched, but with the sun shining, we dried out quickly.

We rode the remaining 5 miles into Sidney where we met up with Michael’s sister Amy for our last scheduled stop before Oregon.

We had a delicious dinner at “Dude’s” (a local steakhouse) and explored the Sidney area. Sidney is home to the Cabela’s headquarters, so we’ll be visiting the store tomorrow. Thanks so much to Amy for hosting us!

We’ll be taking a rest day tomorrow after covering a lot of miles (245!) in the past three days.

Check back (maybe) tomorrow for an update from Michael, or if not, the day after when we’re back on the road.

Check out the Relive video for the day here.