Back on the bikes this morning, heading toward the KOA near Grand Island, Nebraska.


We’ll be on Route 34 most of the way, hopefully enjoying the same low traffic and wide shoulders we had yesterday… watching out for dreaded goatheads!

More later…

Update (Day’s end): Well, that was the about the easiest day of riding, from a cycling perspective, as we’ve had.

We both had some wind (Michael had headwinds the whole way except the last 4 miles) but the winds were minimal, and not a significant factor. The course was as flat as can be; Our biggest climbs–and highest actual elevations of the day–were cycling up over two railroad overpasses!

The trains in Nebraska can stretch end-to-end for two or more miles, and not even fit in a panoramic photo!

Michael toured around the village of Aurora, NE, for no particular reason other than it was along the way. The village square’s extra-wide streets and central-square county building reminded him of Fredericksburg, Texas.

He stopped at a John Deere dealership to compare combine models; He plans to be a farmer when he grows up.

A highlight of the day for Michael was meeting an antique bike rider from The Wheelmen, who was doing a Century (100-mile ride) on his 1880s replica high-wheel bicycle! (He had an original 1885 Brooks England saddle and tool bag!)


We’re at the KOA outside Grand Island tonight.

See the Relive video.