Starting today’s post from the road. Yes, still Route 6 West. It’s windy and hot for a third day, approaching 90°. (Yesterday reached 95° by the end of Michael’s ride.)

Nate got his earliest start yet–just before daybreak! Michael followed mid-morning. (Side note: Michael has crunched his boarding-to-wheels-up time to just under 40 minutes!)


We’re both glad to leave Ohio’s 18-inch, often broken shoulders behind, and have found Indiana’s 11-foot shoulders much more bicyclist friendly! (Indiana also has roads and/or sections of roads with narrow shoulders, but at least they were wide as we crossed into the state!)

For Michael, the day has been all trucks, trains, and trailers. One in particular was incredible: 108 wheels! Whatever it was hauling was massive.


Nate reached our destination in Goshen, IN, by about 1:00 p.m.; Michael should arrive by late afternoon.

Updates to follow this evening…

Update (Day’s end): Today was a day of experiencing how awesome people can be.

Nate stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s this morning. After he ordered food, another customer swooped in and paid for it.

Michael was at a gas station when a customer came out with two bottles of Gatorade, which she handed to him saying, “Can you fit these in? I want you to have them.” She went to her car, and pulled back around into a spot near him. “Can I get you a sub or sandwich?” Michael thanked her for the offer, but said ‘No’. A few minutes later she came out again with a 6″ sub!

Our Goshen hosts this evening, Eric and Tiff Richardson, are such good people. They made a delicious dinner for us–burrito bowls and ice cream!–provided showers, and have set us up with comfortable places to sleep in their living room. We can thank them enough; It’s been a wonderful treat. (They also bicycled across the U.S. a few years ago, so can relate to our journey.)

People waving as they drive by. Others asking where we’re going, how far we’ve been–or just saying “be safe out there.” All the little interactions are cool. Michael even stopped to “have a catch” with a 6 year old who ran across his front yard, glove and ball in hand, screaming, “I like your bike!”


Michael stopped throughout the day to checkout the small towns of Ohio and Indiana, and to take breaks under shade trees at roadside to cool down.


Nate is prepping for another dawn departure. We have a standard day’s ride planned–about 60 miles–but will plot a course due west to tomorrow’s campground that avoids Route 6. (In Indiana, in particular, the truck traffic has become too heavy for either of us to feel safe.)

Check back for a Relive video of today’s ride.