Our earliest start yet! Looks like we’ll be ready to get rolling (or as we are calling it, “wheels up”) by 8 a.m. It rained hard last night on several occasions, but the early morning sun dried out all of our gear just as we were packing it.

The KOA in Sandusky, as Michael mentioned, is pretty utilitarian. It was a bit of a restless sleep for me with the freight trains passing every 15 minutes, but the good news is that we didn’t have to deviate from our course to get to this campground.

Today, we don’t really know our final destination. We’re essentially just going to bike until we get tired. There aren’t really any campsites for the rest of Ohio that don’t require a major detour so if we’ll likely be in a cheap motel somewhere. It looks like a sunny day–so we’ll see how far we can get!

Check back for an update later!

Update (11:00 a.m.; Michael): After battling headwinds along the flat plains all morning, Nate scored a cheap meal deal at Rally’s hamburgers in Fremont. Not wanting lunch yet, I rode up to AM Korner Cafe for breakfast food–and maybe a slice of their strawberry-rhubarb pie! (Skipped the pie.) Nate is continuing along Route 6 West, and I’ll follow breadcrumbs to find him after eating. It’s a slow-going day, so he won’t get too far ahead, but I also won’t be in much hurry to catch up to him.


Update (8:00 pm): That was brutal. I wish there was a way to accurately describe to you how much a persistent headwind sucks. Michael says it’s like pushing a loaded shopping cart around a store with none of the wheels turning. For six hours. Essentially, if we were to stop pedaling, at any time, our bikes would have simply stopped. There was no coasting. We both geared down and spun at ~10 mph pace. Not only was the wind hurting, but it got above 90 degrees. Michael likes to ride in the heat; Me, not so much.

While we rode nearly the same route today, we pretty much rode separately–a few miles apart. This was for a few reasons: We both tend to pace differently, and also the shoulder was so narrow for the entire day (only about the width of our bikes), that it was unsafe to pace close together with all the traffic.

Early in the ride, we passed through Fremont, Ohio. There is a Heinz Ketchup factory there that I stopped briefly at to snap a photo.

I stopped for a quick bite to eat at Checkers/Rally’s–a fast food chain that I’m not really familiar with in Massachusetts. I consumed many tasty calories for $3.06.

We rode on, battling the headwind for a total of 55 miles, arriving in Bowling Green, Ohio. With no campsite for 20 more miles, and both of us being exhausted, we opted for a hotel. We had time to get laundry done, and headed to “Wings over Bowling Green” for dinner. The “Wings over…” franchise was actually started in Amherst, MA–close to where I’m from–so it was great to have a taste of home in the middle-of-nowhere Ohio.

Tomorrow the plan is to get close to the Indiana border, and depending on the wind, possibly cross it. We have two campsites mapped out: one at 55 miles, and the other at 90 miles. We’ll see what we can hit!

Here is our Relive ride for the day. It’s mostly a boring straight line, and having it compressed into a little video like this, you miss the wind, and the monotony of the endless farmland.