20170608_210417Stopping in Cleveland turned out to be a good decision. (See Nate’s visit to the Rock & Roll HOF.)

The local NBA team, down 0-3, is fighting to #DefendtheLand tonight. We’re getting out of of town before Game 4 of Finals.

We’re out on the road earlier, as planned, but still negotiating the definitions of wheels-up, pull-back from gate, and on-time departure.




We’ll be riding along Lake Erie on Route 6, with a planned stopped at a bike shop for some maintenance.

A quick stop at a lakeside park provided an unexpected bit of fun: We met a man flying a drone who let us watch him pilot for a couple minutes, answered a bunch of our questions, and even took some 4K video of us from the drone that we might be able to share later! (Now we want drones.)


Check back later for updates!

Update (12:00 p.m.): We’re stopped in Vermillion, OH, while Ted at Bicycle Bill’s bike shop gives our bikes a quick check, tune-up, and degreasing. We like Ted; He and his wife Rachael have been running the tech shop for 30 years!


While that’s being done, we’re eating lunch in the village at Woodstock Cafe–where everything is served with festival music, peace, and love. ♡ (Their pizza was amazing, too!)


Ted will have our bikes for a couple hours, giving us sone downtime to walk around this historic Lake Erie port town.

More later…

Update (Day’s end): We can’t thank Ted and Rachael enough for the quick tune-ups at Bicycle Bill’s in Vermilion. They were both so helpful getting our bikes up to tour specs and us back on the road!

bike tune-up

Leaving Vermillion, we continued on Route 6 West and made good time to Sandusky. Much of Route 6 (Lake Shore Rd) includes a designated bike lane which makes cycling easier and safer. We didn’t have a tailwind, but the flat course was a nice break from days of rolling hills.


As we approached the town limits, Michael got to race along side a Norfolk Southern train, keeping pace at about 20 mph! As the train reached the village, it slowed, preparing to yield the right of way to an oncoming NS train. Michael took the lead. As he passed, the conductor gave him a thumbs-up. Day made.

Nate snapped a picture of a similar train from earlier in Vermillion, heading east:

ns train

We both like trains, a lot. 🙂

We made camp at KOA by mid to late afternoon and had an easy setup. We had briefly considered a rustic cabin–for expediency, in case we went to Cedar Point!–but opted for a tent site. (For the record, we didn’t go to the park.) We had time to dry out most of our gear before setup.




This KOA is more utilitarian than the Thompson KOA, which is more of a destination/holiday campground. The sites are all lined up fairly close together (although each has plenty of room), and filled up with tents and campers/RVs throughout the day. By bedtime we had neighbors on both sides, and in nearby sites.*

There are May Flies and Midge Flies on any damp surface, especially standing water or near the bathrooms. They also like Nate’s red bags. Tiny black flies also appear seemingly from thin air and swarm over our heads.

After our camp dinners (freeze-dried Indian food for Nate, Raw Meal for Michael) we walked a couple miles into Sandusky for malted milkshakes and Snapple:


Back at camp, a thunderstorm passed through late evening but we were already inside our tents for the night. As anyone who’s been to “The Roller Coast” knows, these Great Lakes storms tend to roll through the area violently, but just as quickly move out over the water.

Watch the Relive video.

*Update (Late night): We now have neighbors on all sides. A large group of apparent friends showed up after 10:00 p.m. and setup their camp area along the back of ours. An hour and a half later they quieted down, and now might be roasting marshmallows.