We got out of our tents at 6:30 this morning. I fired-up my Jetboil and made oatmeal and hot chocolate for breakfast. Continuing to refine how we pack-up camp, we’ve found it currently takes us a full two hours to get ready for the day–in nearly ideal conditions. That’s including breakfast. Rain and other factors add time.

The folks that run the KOA in Thompson, OH are wonderful people. We had a great time while we were here–and the weather was in our favor, allowing us to setup more efficiently, dry out soggy gear, and be more comfortable sleeping.

Today we leave for a short day, about 40 miles to Cleveland. We’ll spend the night downtown before continuing on.

Check back for an update later!

Update 8:00pm: Nothing but clear skies and warm weather for riding today. Not much to report for the first 30 miles of our day, except for a small liquor store that had $1 two-scoop ice-cream cones…score!

Entering the Cleveland area (the last 10 miles of the ride today) was a bit rough and tricky to navigate with our bikes, but we got downtown in time for me to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is really incredible. In my opinion it’s worth a trip to Cleveland just to see the artifacts. I took photos of my favorites which I’ll share below, but by no means is it exhaustive; You really need to experience it for yourself.

The outside of the Hall of Fame
One of Elvis’s many guitars
Elvis’s gold suit
The Animals’ Drum Set. “House of the Rising Sun” is one of my favorite tracks
Bruce Springsteen’s acoustic guitar
Probably my favorite artifact they had. Do I even need to explain this one?
A few of Michael Jackson’s signature items + his Grammy for “Thriller”
Michael Jackson’s Glove
Ringo’s Drum Set. He used this for most of his time with the Beatles

Michael met up with a friend when I was at the Hall of Fame, so he wasn’t with me. I made him jealous though because there U2’s The Edge’s guitar from The Joshua Tree original tour on display. (Note that the album was already on our BXCP2P2017 Playlist.)

For dinner, Michael and I met up and got Chipotle downtown–thanks to my friend Lauren for the gift card!

Also, this was parked outside of a grocery store in downtown Cleveland. I couldn’t find the owner, but I’ll gladly trade him my bike for the car:

We’re staying in downtown Cleveland for the night. Tomorrow the plan is to get an earlier start than normal, and make a pit-stop in Vermilion, OH to get our bikes tuned up, and then end the day in Sandusky, OH at a KOA.

You can view today’s Relive ride here!