We spent last night at the KOA in McKean, PA. We can’t seem to escape this rain. The next few days are looking more favorable in terms of weather, so fingers crossed. Waking up this morning, I checked my phone for the forecast and it said “cloudy with a 5% chance of showers.” When packing up my tent, the clouds opened up and it started to rain. Oh well. I’m currently hunkered down in the laundry room staying dry, keeping a positive attitude!

Today we ride about 60 miles west to the town of Thompson, OH where we’ll stay at the KOA there.

Check back later for an update!

Update (8:30 p.m.): Wow! What a day. What started off with a pretty miserable start, ended with an ideal evening. We rolled out of McKean, PA at around 9:00 a.m., and were riding in constant cold rain through to the Ohio border (the first 20 miles or so). I had to stop and take a photo, as I always do, of the welcome sign–but this time I had trouble in the dexterity of my fingers, fumbling around trying to launch my camera app.

Thankfully, I got one. Another few miles down the road we entered the town of Conneaut, OH. Michael suggested (Michael says it was more like insisted) we stop at the State Street Diner to fuel up. It was the best idea we made so far that day. Taking our cycling gloves off in the diner revealed two sets of purple hands, and it took several minutes and a few cups of hot coffee to warm them up back to where we could feel them again. The (late) breakfast was delicious and we met some folks from Texas who commented several times on how “craaaaazy” we were for doing this trip.

At the diner, Michael noted, “It takes a lot longer to get places when you’re miserable“–perfectly summing up the vibe of the day so far.

After we finished eating, the skies cleared up to reveal sun for one of the first times since the start of the trip. We were beyond thankful. In addition, a decent tailwind picked up behind us, and we were easily averaging above 15 mph for a good 20-mile stretch. Our clothes dried out in less than an hour.

Towards the end of the ride (about 7 miles from the finish), I pulled over to use a restroom and Michael continued on. He continued following Route 20, and then cut south towards Thompson. I ended up cutting the corner by taking an alternate route and came into the finish riding a few miles shorter than Michael. 🙂

During the final stretch, Michael’s brother Mike drove along side us for the final few hundred feet of the ride. He caught these photos as we were coming into the KOA.

The KOA has an excellent camp dog, “Shiloh”. He is one of the most chill and well-trained Golden Retreivers I’ve ever encountered and I took a five minute break before heading down to our site to give him some attention.

We set up camp in the sun! (It feels weird to even type that… it has to be a first of the trip). Just for fun, we even set up our solar panels to charge a few things.

You can see Mike in the background talking to Michael. Mike took us out for a fantastic dinner in town, a highlight being the pretzels stuffed with cheddar jack cheese.

Thank you again to Mike for the hospitality, drinks, and dinner tonight!! It was beyond appreciated after a tough few days of riding.

As I update this, we’re running our laundry through the wash; We should be set for another few days.

Tomorrow we plan on taking a short day (40 miles) to spend the night in Cleveland so we can have some maintenance done on our bikes and maybe even visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

Check back tomorrow for another regularly scheduled blog!

You can view today’s ride (via Relive) here.