After a good rest day yesterday (thanks again to our hosts, Elaine and Greg), we’re ready to get back on the road… well almost. Michael is still feeling a bit under the weather (an understatement; the cold is in full force) but is fighting through it. I’m happy that we’re riding together again and we have a regularly scheduled ~60 mile day ahead.

We’re slowly trying to adjust our sleep cycle so that we can get on the road earlier, and  arrive at our destination with usable hours of daylight left. This morning is a step towards that. It’s looking like we’ll be on the road by 9am. Hoping to get that down to 6:30 or 7am in the next week.

Check back for an update later!

Update 9:00pm: Great ride today! We covered approximately 74 miles, but took a detour down the lake so that we could stay the night with Michael’s Coach Cal and Mom C (Sharon)–the Cederquists

Michael is still overcoming a cold and had some breathing difficulty on the few steep hills of today’s ride, but he made it and was feeling stronger by the end of the ride than the beginning.

I had my first encounter with a dog who ran out to chase me. I quickly grabbed a water bottle and squirted him. He backed off into the yard only to chase Michael a few seconds later. Michael yelled at him and he backed off for good.

We passed through the wine country of Chautauqua County. It was beautiful riding. Shortly after that we ran into a small band of rain (it was more like a consistent misting for an hour or so).

We passed a sign that said “town of Portland”, which was a bit deceiving. We still have about 3,000 miles to go!

After making a long climb from Westfield to Mayville NY we stopped to visit Michael’s Mom H (Pat) and took a short break for lunch at a diner in the village.

We rode through to Chautauqua, where Michael and I both have ties. We stopped at Haff Acres Farm to say hello to Mrs. (Emily) Haffenden and Beth, longtime friends of the Whitneys. Michael grew up in the small towns around Chautauqua Lake; I went to the Chautauqua Institution many summers growing up. It was good to bike around the area.

Further down the lake we visited one of another favorite Whitney family friend, Marlea, at Pine Hill Cottages, before finishing the ride to the Cederquists.

Thanks to the Cederquists for taking us out to dinner! We’re back on the road tomorrow, headed into Pennsylvania!

Check out the Relive video here!