I got a great night’s rest after venturing to get (Buffalo) chicken wings at 1 a.m. with friends Lauren and Justin. The concert last night was a lot of fun. I got to meet the band, Broods after the show and even was given a drumstick! I shipped the drumstick home this morning, although I was honestly considering carrying it to Portland, OR.

Today is a short ride for me – but it’s one that puts me back on the plotted course and prepares me to meet up with Michael so that we can continue on together. It’s about a 25 mile ride from downtown Buffalo to Eden, NY – where I will be meeting up with Michael’s childhood friend, Elaine, and her husband Greg. Also, I get to see Michael’s dog Cooper for a few days!

Look for a short update later this evening, but looks like a great day to be on the road!

Update: Great (short) ride today. The verdict is in: Buffalo has some of the best cyclepaths I’ve ever experienced. I started the day heading south, passing the General Mills factory where Cheerios are made. The whole area smells fantastically like cereal.

I continued south and was greeted with more paved cycle-ways for more than 5 miles outside of the city where they stopped after passing over some old canals.

I continued my route towards Eden when I remembered that I was National Donut Day (one of my personal favorite holidays). It was incredibly hard to find a Dunkin’ Donuts in Western NY, but there happened to be one only a few miles off the plotted course, so I routed towards it. Completely worth it.

I arrived in Eden around 3pm where I will be staying for the next few days until Michael arrives so that we can depart and ride together again. Currently spending quality time with his dog, Cooper.

No ride tomorrow (most likely), so I may or may not be posting. Thanks for following along and reading these!!

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