Starting the day late after a long day yesterday. (I also had some personal business to attend to before heading out.) It’s overcast, windy, and cool, looking like another day of at least some rain to ride through.

I don’t have a place, specifically, that I’m aiming to reach today, but hope to hit the daily mileage target by end of day. That will put me squarely in the Finger Lakes region of the state, along familiar roads I traveled often as a kid–criss-crossing NY by bike, car, and Greyhound bus.

Update to follow…

Update: Today was the hardest day yet. I wanted to quit more than a couple times. And yet, now that I’m done for the day I feel pretty good. (It helps that I’m eating BBQ.)

What happened? Well, it rained nearly from the start. It won’t stop raining. I really didn’t anticipate riding across country soaked every day. It’s demotivating.

But more than the rain, the wind was debilitating. It was 20+ mph, either headwind or sidewind, all day.

And, there was more climbing. Within the first 5 miles I rode a 12% grade for more than a mile. And another by mile 10. And another by mile 20. Between those, the rolling hills were 7-8% climbs. Brutal.

So, I sat back in the lowest gear spinning. As a result–and with the late start–I was only able to cover about 40 miles. But that did take me in the Finger Lakes as planned, and it gives me a two-day average that’s still on target.


As I sit eating dinner, I am within a few miles of the only scheduled stop I made during my ride from Potsdam, NY to Chautauqua, when I was a junior (or senior?) at Clarkson. I stayed overnight with my sophomore-year roommate, Craig, who was from the Skaneateles-Marcellus area, southwest of Syracuse. That trip, I had cycled the 150 miles from school to Craig’s in 48°F, and, yes, rain–without waterproof gear. So, these last two days were arguably an improvement. (And I was tougher then, apparently.)

I saw a group of six cyclists with touring gear headed east on Route 20, but didn’t get to talk with them. I was a block away refilling water bottles when they pedalled by. (Adding the count to The List anyway.)

Watch the Relive video.

Back at it tomorrow!