(If you haven’t read Day 6, it may help give you some context to this post.)

I’m feeling much better today, and I think the kidney stone issue has resolved itself. Because of that, I’m cycling from Saratoga to Albany today to catch a train to Buffalo–both to catch up with Michael, and to give myself a bit more time to recover while I wait for him to arrive in Western NY.

I had a great breakfast at the local senior center with the Cadys (everybody is so nice here), and will be departing by bike soon to continue on this grand adventure.

Check back later for an update!

Update (6:00 pm): I made it to the Albany train station! Wow; what an amazing day.

I left Saratoga around 11 a.m., and headed due south, towards Albany. Shortly into the ride I discovered a bike shop; Because I had extra time, I decided to stop. “Collamer House Bike and Ski” shop is a house from the 1800s that was turned into a repair and fit shop. It really is incredible. The repair tech wanted to check out my bike and I was able to fill up my water bottles to continue on. 

From there, I decided to switch things up a bit. I noticed that there was a path running about the same direction as me, so I decided to take it to get off the highway. It was mostly crushed stone. On the “Zim Smith Trail” I ran into a nice fellow who commented on my bags, so I proceeded to tell him about the trip. I’ve found people to be incredibly nice throughout this past week, and my favorite part of this journey so far is meeting all the people.

At the end of the Zim Smith Trail I stopped to check my map when I heard a *BANG!* which sounded like a gunshot. I looked back to find that my tire had blown (and let out a sigh of relief). Michael and I had a running bet on who would blow a tire first; I guess I lost. I took off the wheel and changed the tire on the spot.

The mark I gave myself when taking off the wheel.

From there I pushed forward, and not too long after I passed an ice cream shop. Because I had just changed the tire I figured I’d reward myself.

The ice cream was fantastic. After I headed south to meet up with the Champlain Canalway trail into Albany. I crossed the Hudson River (see below for photo)

Continuing south, and still having extra time I figured I’d locate another bike shop and replace the spare tube that I put in earlier. Broadway Bicycle Co. in Albany has a fantastic setup and fixed a shifting issue I was having.

John, the bike tech at the shop (pictured above) recommended that I visit “Albany Pump Station” – a local brewery. Of course I couldn’t resist, so I headed that way – and man, was I thankful.

I had a great flight of locally brewed beer and some pretzels, when my phone buzzed with a severe thunderstorm and hail warning. I decided to hunker down for 45 minutes while waiting for it to pass.

The weather report from inside the local Albany bar

I left Albany Pumphouse and continued the final few miles to the train station where I’m typing this. A beautiful rainbow came out on my ride over here, just as I was crossing the Hudson, putting a perfect cap on the day. I’m glad I’m feeling better and will be able to continue on, stronger than ever.

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