We’ll be getting a late start today after spending a nice evening with the Cadys (Michael’s aunt and uncle) just north of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Today’s route is short, as we redirected the course to aim for Utica, NY, rather than tracking farther south toward Cooperstown. (We’ll likely resume the plotted course after Utica.)

Look for an update later!

Update: Change of plans. Nate had a medical setback, requiring a morning trip to the hospital in Saratoga. Diagnosis: kidney stone. Everything is ok. We’ll be taking a rest day today, and then Michael will be continuing solo for a few days while Nate jumps ahead to a scheduled stop further en route to recover until Michael arrives.

Huge thanks to Joan and Fred Cady for shuttling us around, kindly allowing us to extend Nate’s stay, and helping Nate get to the train station in Albany tomorrow.

Last update: Michael packed up and rolled out mid-afternoon to get a few more miles in–and keep the journey going–before calling it a day. The rain continued, but wasn’t any worse than yesterday. He’ll continue across New York State to rendezvous with Nate in western NY.

See the Relive video.