Nate here. I got an early jump on the day today. By sunrise I was awake and shortly thereafter I was all packed-up and ready to go. We probably won’t leave for another few hours, but there is rain in the forecast today–and packing up in the rain is the worst.

This is all of my gear. It’s still pretty bulky, and looking to cut it down a little bit in the next few weeks

Today we venture past Bennington , VT and into Saratoga, NY to spend the night with Michael’s Aunt Joan and Uncle Fred. (Thanks to them in advance for putting us up!)

Check back later tonight for an update!

Update: It was a very, very wet ride today. We did over 50 miles in the rain, but all in all it was a beautiful ride. Around late morning we entered New York State, which marked our departure from New England.

From there we rode over a covered bridge

We rolled up upon a farm stand on the side of the road shortly thereafter. I ate a cucumber whole, and Michael got a plum and a peach to snack on. (Unfortunately I didn’t snap a photo of the stand.)

This (above) was a slight impediment. While we can control our route, we can’t control road work. We took the mile long detour and then decided to reward ourselves with lunch.

This pie was delicious. In Saratoga, I decided it was due time to ditch some gear (mostly to get rid of the bulk). I decided to send home my BioLite campstove, chair, and pillow: Three luxuries that I can definitely get by without.

We took an evening run to Eastern Mountain Sports to replace the gear that I’ll be sending back with more purpose-oriented (and more lightweight) equipment. I purchased a Jetboil stove, a collapsible pot, and an inflatable pillow (that takes up a fraction of the space as the old one). At checkout, a fellow Clarkson student was working and recognized me from campus–small world!

Short day planned for tomorrow as we try to power through this rainy week.

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