We had a great evening in Brattleboro with Andrew and Kristina, and got to bed earlier than we have been since start.

This campground had exceptional showers–better than many in homes!


All hills today for the climb over the Green mountains of Vermont.

Check back later for an update.

Update: It proved to be a difficult day for Michael, who was generally miserable until the summit on Hogback Mt. On the mechanical side, he continues to fight with a front-end wobble that has yet to be diagnosed. He also had issues clipping into his left pedal, making remounts on uphill stops extremely difficult. Also, there were too many bugs of too many kinds, everywhere.

Nate had a solid ride throughout the day and stayed several miles ahead. (People have asked whether we ever get separated; Today was proof that we do!),

Our course took us off paved roads for several miles; The dirt roads were more challenging to navigate, but provided some beautiful views! And we saw sheep and cows.



Our campsite in Woodford, VT, was along the route, so no extra miles. The hosts, Ed and Ann, are everything you’d expect a retired couple running a campground to be. We enjoyed the cozy main lodge.

The campsite bugs were relentless, making tent setup difficult. Michael applied four layers of big repellent gaining only temporary reprieve.



We headed into Bennington, VT, for another delicious dinner with Andrew and Kristina. We’ll miss having them along for the ride after today–as they’re heading back to Boston in the morning.

Into New York state tomorrow!

Check out the Relive video here.