Off to an earlier start than in days past with a 70-mile day ahead. It’s looking like a beautiful day to be on the road. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

After a good night’s sleep, and re-organizing of our gear, we’re set to go


Looking forward to seeing the ‘rents for lunch and meeting up with a few friends in Brattleboro who are joining us for a couple days of riding.

Look for a full post later this evening!

Update: We rode 71 miles today (well, Michael got two more miles because he switchbacked up hills, or something)! Our longest day yet. We got an early(ish) start from Concord and were in Keene, NH by lunch time. Huge thanks to my parents and sister for coming up and getting us lunch.

We rode from Keene to Brattleboro, VT and met up with Andrew and Kristina (awesome friends from athenahealth). We’ll be riding for the next day with them and spending tonight and tomorrow at campsites. We had a fantastic dinner in downtown Brattleboro and are now headed back to the campsite. Huge thanks to all of our friends for supporting us along this trip!

Here’s our Relive ride for today.