Blog note: Each day we'll start a post in the morning and update it each night. So check back!

Day 2 – We had to pack up in the rain this morning, but both had good nights’ sleep and stayed dry.


Our campground host Carl treated us to coffee and cinnamon rolls on the way out. Thanks Carl!

Still in NH today; all hills… but a short ride, comparatively.

Update: We completed the segment today in Concord, NH with time to clean-up, unpack, then take a casual ride back into town. We did laundry, Michael got a proper haircut, we ate dinner, and visited S&W Sports bike shop.

We’re enjoying meeting people each place we stop, and sharing a quick intro about our journey!

Check out the Relive video here.

(Route note: We’re a bit off course, rerouting for accommodations last night, but will be back on track tomorrow.)