Nate here. I’ll type today’s blog because Michael’s a bit busy. As of this writing it’s 10:46 p.m., and Michael is going through his gear, doing a final pack.

Before the unpacking & repacking started.
He decided not to bring this saddle.

We got up to Maine around dinner time, with the back of the Jeep filled with our bags, and bikes off the back.

Michael’s bags are green; Mine are red.
My Surly in the front; Michael’s All-City is right behind.

We also just weighed our bikes (unloaded, without bags):

  • Michael’s All-City Space Horse Disc: 30.24 lbs
  • Nate’s Surly Disc Trucker: 32.5 lbs

Pretty close, all things considered. I’m starting with a kickstand and Michael is not. We’ll see who made the better choice a few weeks in.

It’s a weird feeling packing all our street clothes away in suitcases to not see them until August.

Our plan is to roll out from the Eastern Prominade in Portland, ME at 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. tomorrow (~8 hours from now). Next stop: New Hampshire!

See you in Oregon!