I just saw the countdown clock and had a moment of panic: Yikes… 30 days!

In just a month, we’ll be rolling out of Portland, Maine! (I don’t even have my bike yet.)

Speaking of “30 days,” Nate (№. 4260) and I (№. 153) have both been participating in the “30 Days Of Biking” pledge—which coincides with the full month of April.

The 30 Days pledge is simply to ride every day for 30 days; There is no minimum requirement, just that people get on their bikes and ride daily. Thousands of cyclists around the world signed up, and have shared their efforts on social media using #30DaysOfBiking.

For us, the pledge has provided a programmatic way to train a bit more toward our cross-country ride. But it has also proven difficult to schedule around regular commitments—school, work, etc.—throughout the month. In any case, the positive result is that we have each logged a few hundred miles in April ahead of our ride. And that’s arguably more than we would have done without the daily social nudge from the global biking community, and each other.

We only have a few days left… for fun, we’ll share our 30 Days mileage notes here at the end of April!